Colorado TESOL (CoTESOL) has 26 board members, which include university professors, state education employees, and teachers in local school districts. This year, CoTESOL will hold its 39th annual convention with the theme Blue Skies, Bright Future. In addition to its annual fall convention, usually held in Denver, CoTESOL also hosts a spring convention to support teachers outside of the metro area.


CoTESOL has a long history of supporting teachers in Colorado and beyond.  Each year our convention grows, and we are currently registering approximately 900 attendees annually!  This year, we are teaming up  with Nicaragua TESOL by inviting a teacher to attend our convention and sending a representative from CoTESOL to present at their convention. We are also partnering with other regional TESOL affiliates in support of proposing a regional convention for multiple states. These partnerships will surely benefit all affiliates. 

Other Partnerships

In addition, CoTESOL has strong connections to other organizations that support common stakeholders.  Recent requests for collaborative efforts have been extended from the Colorado Adult Education Professional Association as well as the Colorado Association for Bilingual Education.  By joining forces and building relationships across the state, students and teachers alike will benefit.
CoTESOL's dedicated board continues to grow with the organization. We have created a family that is committed to serving the language learners in Colorado and dedicated to supporting professionals in the field.