​Korea TESOL

Kotesol logo_2_0 Korea TESOL, or KOTESOL, is the embodiment of unity through diversity. Founded in 1992 through merger, bicultural to the core, affiliated with three multinational language teaching associations, and comprising teachers from more than 20 nations, KOTESOL represents the best of “English without borders.”  Approximately 25-30% of KOTESOL members are Korean nationals; the rest represent 22 nationalities, with a heavy North American contingent. This distinguishes KOTESOL from the dozen other ELT associations in Korea, whose members are primarily Korean.


KOTESOL’s International Conference, held each autumn, is the largest ELT conference in Korea, routinely attracting more than 1,000 attendees and 200+ presentations. Featuring some of the most renowned figures in ELT, it is one of the premier international conferences in east and southeast Asia. KOTESOL also holds a national conference each spring.


KOTESOL publishes The English Connection, a quarterly news and information magazine;
the Korea TESOL Journal, which focuses on academic research in TESOL; and the
KOTESOL Conference Proceedings, published annually after the International Conference.
These publications cover a wide variety of current teaching practices and theories, especially
as they relate to the Korean context.

Chapters and SIGS

But KOTESOL is much more than the typical conference and journal society. Its ten active
chapters independently organize and host workshops, regional conferences, symposia, and
other events throughout the year, filling the KOTESOL calendar with nearly 100 events
annually. In addition, KOTESOL has a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs): Extensive
Reading, Young Learners, Research, Christian Teachers, Reflective Practice, ContentBased
Instruction, Professional Development, and Multimedia and Computer Assisted Language Learning.