Mexico TESOL

logo MEXTESOL 2014Mexico TESOL (MEXTESOL) has 2,500 members and includes 10 local chapters throughout the country. MEXTESOL is a grass-roots organization that exists only because of the passion and the mission of each of the hundreds, indeed thousands, of volunteers who have made our association a success, adopting and adapting the best practices of TESOL International Association.

Established in 1973, MEXTESOL has had its share of crises, but inspired and inspiring English teachers have come forward and come together to keep the flame burning. They have passed the torch to the following generation of impassioned teachers. Veteran MEXTESOLers realize that MEXTESOL’s mission and our personal professional missions coincide and feed into each other to help improve English language teaching and learning in Mexico.

With its commitment to inclusiveness and diversity, MEXTESOL does not provide a one-size-fits-all solution to ELT concerns in Mexico. It does not espouse any one language teaching or learning method or dogma. Free-thinking, motivated teachers can choose what they consider appropriate for the students in their classrooms from the smorgasbord of ideas, materials, experiences, research findings and models MEXTESOL makes available at its academic events. 

MEXTESOL National Governing Board 2014-2015 (and the representative of the Ministry of Tourism opening the 41st Annual convention)