Governance Review

In 2012, the TESOL Board of Directors convened a task force charged with conducting a review of the governance of the association and—if warranted—proposing changes to improve its efficiency and efficacy at meeting the membership's needs. The task force completed its work and submitted its final report to the board in March 2014. 

If you have questions or comments about the TESOL governance review, please contact TESOL Associate Executive Director John Segota.

Proposed Governance Model 

The Board of Directors invites members to provide feedback on a proposed governance model for TESOL International Association. The document below outlines the new model and provides additional information on next steps. 

Comments on the new model will be collected through 28 February 2015 via the survey link below.

Online Town Hall

An online town hall was held on 12 February 2015 at 10:30 am EST with the Executive Committee to answer your questions about the new governance model. Click here for the full recording of the town hall and the transcript of the chat thread that accompanied the event.

Timeline: November 2014–March 2015

 Board of Directors completes proposal for new governance model
 Early January 2015
 Proposed governance model shared with members for comment
 January 2015
 Online Town Hall on proposed governance model
 Mid-February 2015
 Comment period ends
 Late February 2015
 Board reviews feedback on proposed model
 March 2015
 Board deliberates and votes on proposed governance model
 Board of Directors meeting, 23–24 March 2015
 Board presents new model and preliminary transition plan
 2015 TESOL International Convention, March 2015
 Transition to new governance model, with ongoing opportunities for comment



Background Documents

Task Force Members

Denise Murray - Chair Misty Adoniou
Kevin Knight
Joe McVeigh
Suzanne Panferov
Allison Rainville
Renate Tilson
John Segota - Staff Liaison

Questions or Comments?

Please contact John Segota, staff liaison and TESOL associate executive director.