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Governance Review

In 2012, the TESOL Board of Directors ​launched a​ governance review to improve ​the efficiency and efficacy ​of the association in meeting the membership's needs. ​This page will be regularly updated with news and information about the ongoing governance review and restructuring. 

If you have questions or comments about the governance review, please contact Associate Executive Director John Segota.

Governance Restructuring Update

In August 2015, the Board of Directors revised and approved the new governance model, and developed a detailed transition plan. The document below outlines the revisions to the new model, and provides a timeline of detailed steps for the transition. 

Transition Timeline: ​September 2015–April 2016

 Affiliate Task and Interest Section Task Force submit preliminary  reports to the Board of Directors   September 2015
 Board of Directors takes action on the following:
  • Committees to be dissolved, effective 31 December 2015
    • Board Operations Committee
    • Diversity & Inclusion Committee
    • Employment Issues Committee
    • Global Professional Issues Committee
    • Membership Committee
    • Rules and Resolutions Committee
  • Consideration of new framework of governing documents
  October 2015
 Development of new framework of governing documents and roles for  professional councils   November 2015 - March 2016
 Interest Section Task Force and Affiliate Task Force submit final reports  to the Board of Directors   February 2016

 Board of Directors takes action on the following:

  • Committees to become Professional Councils, effective 8 April 2016
    • Awards Committee
    • Convention Committee
    • Professional Development Committee
    • Book and Serial Publications Committees
    • Research Committee
    • Standards Committee
  • Committees to become Governance Committees, effective 8 April 2016
    • Executive Committee
    • Finance Committee
    • Nominating Committee
  • Committees to be dissolved, effective 8 April 2016
    • Interest Section Leadership Council

    2016 TESOL International Convention

  • Committees meet for the final time as Standing Committees
  • Dissolved committees have the option to meet a final time
  • ISLC completes its duties
  April 2016
  Board takes action on other aspects of governance restructuring   2016–2017

IS and Affiliate Task Forces

In May 2015 the Board of Directors appointed two task forces to study and make recommendations about the structure of the association's Interest Sections and Affiliates, respectively. Further information on each task force is available below.

New Governance Model

At their meeting in March 2015, the Board of Directors voted to move forward with transitioning to a new governance model for TESOL International Association. The document below outlines the new model and provides additional information on next steps. .

Online Town Hall

An online town hall was held on 12 February 2015 at 10:30 am EST with the Executive Committee to answer your questions about the new governance model. Click here for the full recording of the town hall and the transcript of the chat thread that accompanied the event.

Governance Review Task Force Report


Background Documents

Questions or Comments?

Please contact John Segota, Associate Executive Director.