The Ruth Crymes TESOL Fellowship for Graduate Study

Who's Eligible

TESOL members who are or have been enrolled within the past year in a TESOL or TEFL graduate program that prepares teachers to teach ESOL.


To support recent or current graduate students in the development of projects with direct application to ESOL language classroom instruction. The recipient of this award is expected to present the results of the project at a TESOL convention within 3 years of the date the award is received.


One award of US$1,500 upon selection and acceptance of the award and a convention registration for a subsequent year, when the project is presented.


Applications are evaluated in terms of (a) the merit of the graduate study project, (b) reasons for pursuing graduate studies, and (c) financial need. Preference is given to projects with practical classroom applications.

To Apply Online

To complete the online application process, you will need the following information. You are strongly encouraged to gather this information before you begin the application. That way, you can fill out the application completely, and you will not have to go back and fill in items later.

Short Essays

  • an explanation of your reasons for pursuing graduate studies (250 words or fewer)
  • a statement regarding your financial need for this award (250 words or fewer)

Graduate Project Description (3 pages)

Describe your graduate study project, including
  • the name of the institution where the project will be or is being done
  • a statement of purpose for the study
  • a description of what is to be done and why
  • a statement of the project's practical application

One Letter of Recommendation

The letter should
  • be written by your graduate supervisor
  • describe your scholarship
  • confirm approval, indicate the status, and comment on the merit of your graduate project
You will be asked to provide a contact email addresses for your graduate supervisor. They will receive a message from at the address that you provide inviting them to upload their letter of recommendation directly to the application system.

During the application process, you will be asked to write the message that they will receive. Please use the space provided to write the outgoing message to your graduate supervisor. Do not use this space to upload the letter of recommendation. Letters submitted by the applicant will not be accepted.

Please ask your graduate supervisor to watch for a message from To ensure that they receive the message, please ask them to add to their contacts or their spam whitelist.

If they do not receive the message, please send a message to

Click here to begin the application process.

Application Deadline

Applications must be received by 1 November.