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Foundations of Online Teaching

12 September – 23 October 2016

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Training of Trainers

9 November – 20 December 2016

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Advance the Field

Advocacy Resources

Learn the Issues 

TESOL International Association aims to foster respect for the profession of TESOL, for its practitioners, and for the profession's student constituency. TESOL's advocacy program addresses issues that affect the profession worldwide.


Pursue Excellence 

TESOL is always working to improve English language teaching worldwide, and the creation of teaching and learning standards is an integral part of that goal. TESOL standards and best practices initiatives respond to a very real need of English language educators everywhere.


Review TESOL's Research Agenda 

As a leading professional organization for English language teachers, learners, and researchers, TESOL is often called upon to identify research priorities for professionals in the field and for other organizations.

Position Statements

Position Statements 

To advance its goal of improving public policy and understanding as outlined in its strategic plan, TESOL takes official positions on a broad range of issues related to the field of English language teaching. 

Member Resolutions

Member Resolutions

This area archives resolutions passed by the TESOL Membership at the Annual Business Meetings of the membership since 1980.