TESOL Member Resolution on Employment Conditions (1980)

Whereas serious professional and economic issues exist in the fields of ESL, EFL, and bilingual education;

Be it Therefore Resolved by TESOL that in-depth studies of the following areas be undertaken by ad hoc committees, which are fully representative of the membership of TESOL, to be appointed by the President, and that possible solutions be presented in writing to the President at or before the beginning of the 1981 Convention:

1. Benefits, contracts, and salaries

2. Job security

3. Grievance procedures

4. Bargaining organizations

5. Program approval

6. Management training for administrators

7. Job market survey

8. Lobbying

1980 TESOL Convention
San Francisco, California USA

Note: This member resolution was voted upon during the annual business meeting of the association in 1980. Resolutions passed at the annual business meetings of the membership are not official policy of the association. The resolutions need a vote of approval by the Board of Directors.