Principles and Practices of Online Teaching Certificate

Note: This program is being revised in 2016 and will be offered again in early 2017.  More information about the new program will be available in October 2016.  Contact ​​ if you have any questions.

Who Should Attend?

English language teaching professionals who design or deliver online blended learning courses. No experience is necessary.
Teaching professionals who are interested in improving their teaching skills but not in completing the certificate may enroll in individual courses.

Program Requirements

The program consists of certificate foundation and completion courses, and 10 courses in general and content-specific topics. Content courses are PP 101, PP 102, PP 103 and PP 104; and general online teaching courses are PP 105, PP 106, PP 107, PP 108, PP 109 and PP 110.
To earn the certificate of completion, participants must pass
  • Certificate Foundation Course (PP 100)
  • two content courses
  • two general online teaching courses
  • Certificate Completion Course (PP 200)
PP 100 is the prerequisite for all courses, whether you are pursing the certificate or just taking individual courses. If you are not pursuing the certificate, however, you may apply for an exemption from PP 100.