Expenses vs. Benefits

Though you can easily see the benefits of attending the convention, you may need to show your supervisor that the benefits exceed the expenses. Try to list concrete benefits that your attendance will bring not only to you, but also to your workplace. Rather than focus on how much you want to attend the convention, focus on how the benefits of attendance will help meet current workplace needs. Compare those benefits with the expenses and be prepared to sell your points to your supervisor. The following tables will help you get started.



Convention registration


Ticketed events (PCIs, K-12 Dream Day, TESOL LDCP)






Transportation: airport to hotel


Transportation: hotel to airport


Mileage reimbursement (if driving to conference)


Parking reimbursement (at airport for flight departure, or at hotel where conference is located)


Food per diem


Total Expense



Benefits to Your Employer

How Do Benefits Meet Current Needs?



New knowledge, training,
enhanced expertise


New specific knowledge or training
to share with colleagues


Teambuilding (if sending a group)


Learning about new technology
and tools


Learning new workplace


Learning about the latest research


Exposure to useful new products and services (Exhibit Hall)

Remember: You should be ready to answer any question that your supervisor may have. After you provide all the necessary information to your supervisor, he/she will assess the information before making the decision. Your supervisor’s decision will likely depend on the information you provide and how well you sell the benefits of attending the convention. Good luck!