Models for Daily ESL Bulletins

Sources for ESL Bulletin Content

Models For Daily ESL Bulletins – Thomas Dougherty – TESOL 2007 (#3604)

I. List of possible community and culture activities to publicize:

Interview/Questionnaire prompts (May I ask your opinion on the UN?)
Local Farmer’s Markets/garage sales/supermarket news
Cafés, Bookstores, Music stores (e.g. poetry readings/book signings)
City Center Events (parades/shows/restaurants)
Movie theatres/cinema events
Comedy clubs/musical performances
Local yoga classes/YMCA classes/exercise facilities
Campus library information/online learning blogs
Local museums/historical landmarks/religious venues

II. List of possible language learning suggestions to publicize:

Campus lectures/guest appearances
Helpful Internet websites (e.g.
Extra language practice opportunities (Open Lab)
Telephoning suggestions (e.g. toll free numbers)
Book/Movie suggestions (e.g. Bridge to Terabithia)
Study review suggestions (e.g. test-taking strategies)
People to contact (e.g. local driver’s license facility/police office)
University classes to audit
Places to visit (e.g. botanic gardens, waterfront markets)
Volunteering opportunities (hospitals, shelters, marathons)
Connections with Service organizations (such as Rotary International)

III. Sources for daily idiomatic expressions or proverbs:

Glean a list from the school’s approved texts
News headlines – magazines/newspapers/online news
Themes such as: Happiness, Work, and Relationships
Radio/TV ads
Idioms Dictionaries/Book of quotes

IV. Special announcements to publicize:

Schedule Changes
Teacher In-services
Committee meetings
Campus events
Entertainment news/websites, etc.