The 7th Annual Graduate Student Forum

The 7th Annual Graduate Student Forum at the 41st Annual TESOL Convention

Washington State Convention and Trade Center
Rm 2A/2B, 204-206, 211-214, (reception Rm 204/205)
Seattle, WA, USA
Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What is the purpose of the forum?

The forum provides a venue at the TESOL convention that allows MA-level students to do the following:

  • share the results of their research, their teaching ideas and experiences, and the materials they have developed;
  • meet and network with graduate students (and faculty) at other universities;
  • formally participate in the TESOL convention without having to meet the early deadlines for submitting proposals or to compete with experienced professionals for time on the convention program;
  • experience the process of organizing a conference, adjudicating proposals, and so forth.

When will the forum be held?

The 7th Annual Graduate Student Forum will be held March 20, 2007, as part of TESOL’s 2007 convention in Seattle, Washington. For general information on the 2007 convention, visit

Who are the organizers of this year’s forum?

The Graduate Student Forum is a student-run mini-conference. This means that graduate students not only give presentations but also are in charge of the forum from start to finish. Submitted proposals will be refereed by graduate students at the three host universities: Seattle Pacific University, Bilkent University, and PurdueUniversity. Those same students will arrange the program and host the forum sessions.

How can you register to attend or present at the forum?

To attend or present at the 7th Annual Graduate Student Forum, you need to register for the 7th Annual Graduate Student Forum. Although there is no extra forum registration fee for presenters and participants, registration is still required because space limits attendance to 160 people. To register fill out the registration formand email it to or mail it to the following address:

Graduate Student Forum Registration

Katya Nemtchinova

Department of Foreign Languages

Seattle Pacific University

3307 Third Ave West

Seattle, WA 98119


Click here for general information on accommodations.

Who can submit a proposal?

Full-time or part-time students enrolled in graduate programs leading to the master's degree in TESOL (or related fields) at any institution of higher learning can take part in the Graduate Student Forum, either as presenters or as participants. (Please note that there is a similar but separate forum for doctoral students.)

What kinds of presentations are being solicited?

Proposals for three types of presentations are being solicited: papers, demonstrations, and poster sessions.

A paper (15 minutes) is an oral summary, with occasional reference to notes or a text, that describes or discusses something that the presenter is doing or has done in relation to theory or practice. Handouts and audiovisual aids may be used.

A demonstration (15 minutes) shows, rather than discusses, a technique for teaching or testing. No more than 5 minutes is spent explaining the theory underlying the technique. The presenter provides handouts and may use audiovisual aids.

A poster session (1 hour) allows for short, informal discussions with other participants during the 1-hour time period that a self-explanatory exhibit is on display. The exhibit is presented on a large (4' x 8') display board that includes a title; the name and institutional affiliation of the presenter(s); and a brief text with clearly labeled photos, drawings, graphs, or charts. No other audiovisual equipment is allowed. Exhibits are set up during the lunch hour before the session and dismantled immediately after the session.

For more detailed information about submitting a proposal, including details about proposal guidelines, please view the Call for Proposals.