Using PreK-12 English Language Proficiency Standards to Inform Instruction and Assessment


Anne Katz, Margo Gottlieb, Lynore Carnuccio, and Gisela Ernst-Slavit


12 January-22 February 2009

Who Should Attend?

  • ESL teachers, teachers with ELLs in their mainstream or content classrooms
  • administrators in diverse schools and districts
  • anyone interested in finding out more about the revised preK-12 English language proficiency standards


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More About This Course

Join a nationwide cohort of 25-50 ESL educators, content-area teachers, and administrators for a special, six-week asynchronous online course on using the recently revised PreK-12 English Language Proficiency Standards to inform instruction and assessment.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about, discuss, and apply the new standards in an interactive course taught by Anne Katz, Margo Gottlieb, Lynore Carnuccio and Gisela Ernst-Slavit, four of the TESOL professionals who helped revise the standards.

Participants will learn about TESOL’s new English language proficiency standards and how they can be implemented in classrooms in any setting serving English language learners (ELLs). We will explore how these standards highlight the development of academic language proficiency and can shape instruction and assessment in these classrooms.

This interactive course will provide ample opportunities for peer-to-peer learning. Participants will discuss research-based implications and share practical applications for effectively meeting the needs of ELLs in diverse PreK-12 settings in the United States.

What Will I Learn?

Participant will

  • become familiar with the organization and content of the standards book
  • examine the role of academic language proficiency
  • review the English Language Proficiency standards framework
  • explore how to adapt sample language performance indicators to the classroom
  • develop language objectives for content classrooms across the curriculum
  • design lessons using the ELP standards
  • create standards-based assessment plans

Required Text

All course participants will need a copy of TESOL’s PreK-12 English Language Proficiency Standards (2006). If you do not have a copy, the book is available at a special price through TESOL’s Education Programs Department.

About the Instructors

Anne Katz consults on educational projects related to ELLs and each summer teaches courses in curriculum design and assessment at the School for International Training. Her most recent publications focus on standards-based assessment systems.

Lynore M. Carnuccio is a member of  TESOL’s 2006 PreK-12 English Language Proficiency Standards writing team. She works with districts and State Departments of Education in developing standards based curriculum for English language learners  and is a former Chair of TESOL's Secondary Schools Interest Section.

Gisela Ernst-Slavit is a member of the writing team for TESOL's 2006 PreK-12 English Language Proficiency Standards. She is a professor of Education at Washington State University Vancouver where she directs the ESL Program.  She has published extensively on topics related to teacher preparation in multilingual/multicultural settings and ESL education.

Margo Gottlieb is a director of Assessment and Evaluation at Illinois Resource Center in Arlington Heights, and a lead Developer of World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment Consortium at Wisconsin Center for Education Research, the University of Wisconsin - Madison. She chairs TESOL’s Committee on PreK-12 English language proficiency standards and has published books on assessment and accountability of English language learners.