Worldwide Affiliate Directory

Learn about professional development opportunities for English language educators within your local community. TESOL is affiliated with more than 100 independent associations worldwide with a total membership of more than 47,000 professionals worldwide. Affiliates are listed below in alphabetical order by country.

Worldwide Affiliate Directory: Full List

Affiliates by Country

 Albania: English Language Teachers' Association   Mali: Malian Association of Teachers of English

Argentina: Argentina TESOL (ARTESOL)


Australia: Australian Council of TESOL Associations (ACTA)

Mongolia: English Language Teachers’ Association of Mongolia (Mongolia TESOL)

Azerbaijan: Azerbaijan English Teachers’ Association (AzETA)

Morocco: Moroccan Association of Teachers of English

Bangladesh: Bangladesh English Language Teachers Association (BELTA)

Nepal: Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association (NELTA)

Bolivia: Bolivian English Teachers Association (BETA)

New Zealand: TESOL Association of Aotearoa New Zealand 

Brazil: Brazil TESOL (BRAZ-TESOL)

Nicaragua: Nicaraguan Association of English Teachers (ANPI)
 Bulgaria: Bulgarian English Teachers' Association (BETA)   Pakistan: Society of Pakistani English Language Teachers (SPELT)
 Burkina Faso: Burkina English Teachers Association (BETA) Panama: Panama TESOL

Cameroon: Cameroon English Language and Literature Teachers Association (CAMELTA)

Paraguay: Paraguay TESOL


Peru: Peru TESOL Association

Chile: TESOL Chile

Philippines: Philippine Association for Language Teaching (PALT)

Colombia: Asociacion Colombiana de Profesores de Ingles (ASOCOPI)

Portugal: Associacao Portuguesa de Professores de Ingles (APPI)

Costa Rica: Asociacion Costarricense de Profesores de Ingles (ACPI)

Puerto Rico: Puerto Rico TESOL

Croatia: Croatian Association of Teachers of English (HUPE)

Qatar: Qatar TESOL

Czech Republic: Association of Teachers of English in the Czech Republic (ATE-CR)


 Cuba: Grupo de Especialistas en Lengua Inglesa (GELI)  Saudi Arabia: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Association of Language Teachers (KSAALT)

Ecuador: Federacion Nacional de Profesores de Ingles de Universidades y Politecnicas del Ecuador (FENAPIUPE)

Senegal: Association of Teachers of English in Senegal (ATES/APAS)

Egypt: Nile TESOL

Serbia: English Language Teachers’ Association of Serbia (ELTA)

Ethiopia: Addis Ababa English Language Teachers' Association (AAELTA)

Slovakia: Slovak Association of Teachers of English (SAUA/SATE)

France: TESOL France

Spain: TESOL Spain


SudanTESOL Sudan

Greece: TESOL Greece

Taiwan: English Teachers' Association (ETA-ROC)

Haiti: Miragoane Association of Teachers of English (MATE)
Tanzania: Tanzanian English Language Teachers’ Development Meeting (TELTDM)
Hong Kong: Hong Kong Association for Applied Linguistics (HAAL)
Thailand: Thailand TESOL (ThaiTESOL)
India: Forum for Teachers of English Language and Literature (FORTELL)

Tunisia: Tunisia TESOL

Indonesia: Teachers of English as a Foreign Language in Indonesia (TEFLIN)

Turkey: English Language Education Association of Turkey (INGED)
Iran: Safir English Language Academy Association (TESOL Persia)

Ukraine: TESOL Ukraine

Israel: English Teachers Association of Israel (ETAI)

United Arab Emirates: TESOL Arabia

Italy: TESOL Italy

United Kingdom: National Association of Language Development in the Curriculum (NALDIC)

Japan: Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT)

United States

 Korea, (South) Republic of: Korea TESOL (KOTESOL)
Uruguay: Uruguay TESOL (URUTESOL)
Kuwait: TESOL Kuwait

Venezuela: Venezuela TESOL (VenTESOL)

Macedonia: English Language Teachers’ Association of Macedonia (ELTAM)


Malaysia: Penang English Language Learning and Teaching Association (PELLTA)