Interest Section Chair-Elect Responsibilities and Benefits

Term of Service

The chair-elect is elected for one year, beginning at the annual TESOL convention. The chair-elect becomes the chair after the TESOL convention the following year.

General Responsibilities

  • Manages the ISLC election of Member-at-Large to be completed before 1 December
  • Provides leadership within his or her IS
  • Works closely with the chair to determine priorities and activities for the year
  • Acts in accordance with the IS’s governing rules and stated IS purpose
  • Initiates regular contact with the chair and other IS leaders to discuss issues and activities
  • Keeps members informed of relevant emerging issues

Convention Responsibilities

  • Plans the academic session and discussion groups for the annual TESOL convention
  • Conducts a planning meeting at the annual TESOL convention
  • Attends the IS Leaders’ Planning Breakfast with the chair

Resources and Support

  • Interest Section Leadership Council
  • TESOL Board of Directors Liaison
  • Steering Committee
  • TESOL staff


  • Opportunity to increase professional contacts and expand leadership skills
  • Invitation to the leadership events at the annual TESOL convention
  • Leadership training at the annual TESOL convention
  • Access to an IS leaders’ listserv
For more information about becoming an interest section chair-elect, please contact TESOL Professional Learning.