Secondary Schools

Statement of Purpose

TESOL's Secondary Schools Interest Section (SSIS) represents secondary school teachers and administrators. The task of SSIS members is to ensure that secondary ESL students develop the linguistic, cultural, and cognitive skills necessary for success in an English-speaking context. SSIS members accomplish this task by facilitating the exchange of information and expertise among secondary teachers and administrators.


  • Foster the recognition of ESL as credit-bearing academic discipline in secondary education
  • Document the manner in which children are being educated in English
  • Serve as a vehicle of communication for ESL educators in secondary education
  • Educate the public, government officials, and other educators about the need for secondary-level ESL instruction, he nature of that instruction, and the need for hiring qualified professionals to deliver that instruction
  • Develop and establish standards of achievements and performance of students
  • Stimulate relevant research in the field
  • Stimulate development and adaptation of appropriate materials at the secondary level
  • Encourage more professional development programs to ensure that teachers and administrators are qualified to serve English language learners
  • Advocate the training and certification of ESL secondary school teachers
  • Make the association responsive to the needs of ESL in secondary school education

Leaders, 2017-2018

Chair: Marybelle Marrero-Colón
Past Chair: Sarah Catherine Moore
Newsletter Editor​: Sarah Elia