Teacher Education

Statement of Purpose

TESOL's Teacher Education Interest Section (TEIS) provides a forum for ESOL teacher educators and other TESOL members to raise, discuss, and address issues relevant to the education, preparation, and continuing professional development of teachers who work with ESL/EFL learners around the world. It creates opportunities for ESOL teacher educators to learn, interact, collaborate, and share with one another.


  • Improve understanding of the processes involved in ESOL teacher education
  • Promote application of pertinent theory and research findings in second language teacher education to curricula and practices in ESOL teacher education programs
  • Encourage innovation in ESOL teacher education programs
  • Identify and promote high standards for the education of ESOL teachers
  • Formulate policies that will improve the conditions of employment and ongoing learning for ESOL teachers and teacher educators

Leaders, 2017-2018

Chair: Andrea Hellman
Chair-Elect: Kate Mastuserio Reynolds
Past Chair: Laura Baecher
Chair-Elect-Elect: Kate Reynolds
Newsletter Editor: Fatma Ghailan
​Book Review Editor: ​Jillian Baldwin Kim
Community Manager: Nikki Ashcraft