Video and Digital Media

Statement of Purpose

TESOL's Video and Digital Media Interest Section (VDMIS) focuses on the production and use of video materials in English language teaching. VDMIS members are interested in producing video and digital materials for educational use or are using them their classrooms.


  • Promote media literacy for teachers and students
  • Support the use of video and digital media for intercultural training, teacher training, and assessment
  • Promote the use of interactive media in the classroom
  • Develop effective video and digital tools for distance learning
  • Help teachers and students produce videos
  • Exchange knowledge about developments in video production and use
  • Review commercially available video and digital media
  • Develop video and digital media tools for instruction in listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Support the use of new video and digital media technology
  • Encourage useful experimentation with video and digital technologies in language teaching

Leaders, 2017-2018

Chair: Elke Stappert
Chair-Elect: Suzi Lee
Past Chair: Julie Lopez
Member-at-Large: Rodrigo Carvalho
Newsletter Editors: Kuo-Pin Kenneth Chi and Joyce Cunningham
Community Manager: Michelle Kaplan