Interest Section Leadership Council

The Interest Section Leadership Council (ISLC) fosters the professional relationship between TESOL Interest Sections (ISs), and between ISs and other association entities, including affiliates, the Board of Directors, and standing committees. For a list of current ISLC members, please click here.

Voting Members

The ISLC has four voting members: Chair, Chair-Elect, Member-at-Large, and Past Chair.

Terms of Service

Each member serves for four years. A new member-at-large is elected every year. After one year of service, the member-at-large becomes chair-elect, chair-elect becomes the chair, and the chair becomes the past chair.

Roles and Responsibilities

Convention-Related Responsibilities

  • Meet with IS leaders and TESOL staff
  • Create agenda for and lead IS leader meetings

Election of Member-at-Large

  • Elections for member-at-large are held every year.


To be eligible for election as member-at-large, interested candidates must be:
  • TESOL members in good standing for at least five years
  • Have served as an IS leader (either elected or appointed)
  • Attended at least two TESOL conventions in the past 10 years
  • Not be a member of an IS that has a member serving on the ISLC


The ISLC encourages self-nomination from current and past IS leaders. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else, please send the following to Michelle Kim. She will forward your interest to the ISLC Chair-elect:
  • Background statement (50 words): Please cite your leadership experience in TESOL (interest section, affiliates, standing committees, previous board experience) and describe your professional responsibilities and experience as they relate to TESOL service.
  • Statement of purpose (50 words): Please cite your interest in and motivation for serving on the ISLC, as well as key issues affecting TESOL ISs and how the ISLC could address them.

Term of Service

  • Four years: One year each as member-at-large, chair-elect, chair, and past chair.

General Responsibilities

  • Act as a liaison to up to five IS chairs
  • Participate in strategic planning conference calls and online discussions with ISLC members
  • Help determine ISLC policy and procedures based on IS and TESOL mission and vision statements
  • Monitor and participate in the IS leader listerv and other discussions 
  • Help plan IS leader meetings at the annual TESOL convention

Convention Responsibilities

  • Meet with IS leader and TESOL staff

Resources and Support

  • One liaison from the Board of Directors
  • One liaison from the TESOL Staff

Board liaisons

  • Are assigned by the TESOL President-Elect
  • Voice ISLC concerns and interests to the Board of Directors
  • Explain board policies, priorities, and plans to the ISLC chair
  • Advocates on behalf of the ISLC to the Board of Directors
  • Attends ISLC meetings at the TESOL convention whenever possible

TESOL staff liaison

  • is assigned by the TESOL Executive Director
  • provides year-round support through communication with ISLC members
  • reports to the Board of Directors on behalf of the ISLC at two annual meetings
For more information about the Interest Section Leadership Council, please contact Michelle Kim.