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ISLC Member Responsibilities

All members of the Interest Section Leadership Council (ISLC) have the following responsibilities: 
  • Determine ISLC policy and procedures based on the interest section (IS) and TESOL mission and vision statements
  • Participate in all meetings scheduled by the ISLC chair
  • Edit and revise ISLC Handbook
  • Act as liaisons to assigned interest sections
  • Support IS chairs with proposal vetting and other IS concerns as needed.
  • Monitor their assigned IS e-lists throughout the year and report to the ISLC as needed
  • Provide feedback on their assigned ISs’ annual reports and summarize feedback to the ISLC for the bi-annual board reports
  • Provide a written evaluation of their assigned ISs’ open meeting minutes and report to the ISLC for the bi-annual board reports
  • Monitor the TESOL website pages created for IS leaders to discover what needs to be revised or updated and work with the staff liaison to see that the changes are made
  • Participate in informal networking sessions with members as needed
  • Work with TESOL staff to create pre-convention training materials for IS leaders
  • Assist with planning IS-related activities at the TESOL convention
  • Attend the annual Leadership Luncheon the day before the TESOL convention 
  • Attend the IS Leaders’ Workshop the day before the TESOL convention 
  • Distribute certificates to outgoing leaders of their assigned ISs at the IS open meetings
  • Attend the IS Assembly
  • Attend the TESOL Annual Business Meeting
  • Attend the President’s Reception
If you have any questions about the ISLC, please contact TESOL Education Programs.