Bilingual Education

Statement of Purpose

TESOL's ESL in Bilingual Education Interest Section (BEIS) supports and promotes primary language literacy as fundamental to the acquisition of English as a second or foreign language. BEIS supports the opportunity and right of all individuals to develop and to maintain proficiency in their mother tongue and to become proficient in more than one language. BEIS believes that educational institutions must work with students from diverse backgrounds to develop constructive relationships that empower students and their families.


  • Collect and disseminate information about specific bilingual programs and models to TESOL members, other professionals, and the public
  • Identify key areas in bilingual education for future research
  • Seek support for initiatives on bilingual education worldwide
  • Review and disseminate information on materials developed for bilingual education
  • Increase awareness of the many populations served by bilingual programs
  • Encourage bilingualism and multilingualism
  • Support dual language programs

Leaders, 2016-2017

Chair: Francisco Ramos
Chair-Elect: Helen Berg
Past Chair: Sandra Musanti
Members-at-Large: Traci Bellas, Cathrene Connery, Alma Contreras-Vanegas, Catherine Kim, Adnen Mansouri, Sandra Mercuri, Patrick Ng Chin Leong, and Mary Soto
Newsletter Editors: Alsu Gilmetdinova and Andres Ramirez
Community Manager: Alsu Gilmetdinova