Elementary Education

Statement of Purpose

The TESOL Elementary Education Interest Section (EEIS) supports the millions of children worldwide from non-English-speaking backgrounds who enter school (pre-K-8) with a need to acquire fluency in English. EEIS also supports the professionals charged with the responsibility of assuring that these children receive the necessary ESOL instruction to enable them to function effectively in English both interpersonally and academically.


  • Foster recognition of English as a second or other language (ESOL) as an academic discipline in elementary education
  • Document the manner in which children are being educated in English
  • Serve as a vehicle of communication for ESOL educators in elementary education
  • Educate the public, government officials, and other educators on the need for ESOL instruction at the elementary level, the nature of such instruction, and the need for hiring qualified people to deliver such instruction
  • Develop and establish standards of student achievement and performance
  • Stimulate relevant research in the field
  • Stimulate development and adaptation of appropriate materials at the elementary level
  • Assure an adequate pool of qualified personnel by encouraging more programs for professional development
  • Advocate for the training and certification of ESOL elementary teachers
  • Make the association more responsive to the needs of ESOL in elementary education

Leaders, 2016-2017

Chair: Stacy Brown
Chair-Elect: Debbie Zacarian
Past Chair: Joy Brown
Members-at-Large: Jessica Burchett, Karen Nemeth, Lezlie Paden, and Kathy Santo
Newsletter Editors: Rejane McCorkel
Secretary: Mari Rasmussen
Community Manager: Judy O'Laughlin