English as a Foreign Language

Statement of Purpose

The TESOL English as a Foreign Language Interest Section (EFLIS) facilitates idea exchanges on global and specific EFL/ESL issues; brings together professionals who have had/intend to have EFL/ESL experiences in different countries; provides an international network for teaching positions and professional interests worldwide; and encourages TESOL Standing Committees and other ISs to address relevant international concerns.


  • Represent the interests of those teaching in areas where English is a foreign language
  • Develop profiles of the teaching conditions in EFL countries
  • Promote the development of professional standards for EFL areas
  • Provide information on opportunities for career development
  • Promote research and information exchange on EFL
  • Encourage research in the use of English as an international medium of communication
  • Provide information on sources of materials and other resources

Leaders, 2017-2018

Chair: Grazzia Maria Mendoza
Chair-Elect: ​Chadia Mansour
Past Chair: Denise De Felice
Newsletter Editor: Noureddine Cherif
Community Manager: Vania Rodrigues