International Teaching Assistants

Statement of Purpose

TESOL’s International Teaching Assistants Interest Section serves TESOL members who are interested in a range of issues associated with nonnative-English-speaking teaching assistants. These issues include course design, testing programs, materials and test design and selection, the nature of and standards for spoken English discourse, and the culture of classroom communication in North America.


  • Encourage the sharing of expertise and specialized knowledge among ITA practitioners
  • Promote research into the spoken discourse of ITAs and the nature of classroom communication
  • Foster communication between researchers and practitioners.

Leaders, 2016-2017

Chair: Elizabeth Gillstrom
Chair-Elect: Stephen Looney
Past Chair: Liz Tummons
Members-at-Large: Lara Wallace and Morag Burke
Secretary: Elise Geither
Newsletter Editor: Maureen Templeman 
Community Manager: Diane Cotsonas