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Materials Writers (MWIS)

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Statement of Purpose/Goals

MWIS is open to TESOL members who are published writers and to other members who are interested in producing ESL or EFL materials. MWIS recognizes the different features of materials preparation:


Numerous individual papers had been given at past TESOL conventions on the concerns of materials preparation. In 1986, the TESOL Executive Board approved the petition of the MWIS.

Statement of purpose

MWIS serves as a forum to exchange professional, noncommercial issues and concerns that relate to the writing, editing, and production of instructional materials in ESL/EFL. A regular newsletter, and conference participation, workshops, demonstrations, and papers have served as the means for the exchange. Under consideration are other possible activities: an award for outstanding contribution to materials preparation, and a clearinghouse to link up new writers, publishers, and regional affiliates.

Web Site

This interest section does not have a Web site. If you're interested in helping to create and maintain an IS Web site, contact the chair (see below).

Community Leaders

Kelly Sippell, Chair ('07–'08)
Linda Butler, Cochair Elect ('07–'08)
Lawrence Zwier, Cochair Elect ('07–'08)
Christy Newman, Editor ('07–'08)
Bill Walker, E-list Manager ('07–'08)
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