Speech, Pronunciation, and Listening

Statement of Purpose

TESOL's Speech, Pronunciation, and Listening Interest Section (SPLIS) supports TESOL professionals teaching spoken English and those who want to teach spoken English. It enables the exchange of ideas, information, and expertise on teaching techniques and research in pronunciation, speaking, and listening comprehension. It also develops awareness in the TESOL community of the importance of spoken English and its relationship to overall language development.


  • Increase awareness of the significance of pronunciation as an integral part of the teaching of English as a second language
  • Encourage and support the integrated teaching of pronunciation, speaking, listening, and nonverbal communication
  • Disseminate theoretical and practical information as it develops in the field of pronunciation, speaking, and listening comprehension
  • Help improve pronunciation, speaking and listening materials
  • Support new methods of delivery of instruction in pronunciation, speaking, and listening, including the use of technologies and cooperating with other TESOL Interest Sections (e.g., Video & Digital Media, CALL, and Materials Writers) to develop such materials
  • Encourage scholarship and research in the field of pronunciation, listening comprehension, and all areas of oral communication

Leaders, 2017-2018

Chair: Veronica Sardegna
Chair-Elect: ​Shantaya Rao
Past Chair: Beth Sheppard
Member-at-Large: Nancy Elliot
Secretary: Hilal Ergül
Newsletter Editor: Suzanne Franks
Community Manager: Susan Spezzini