Ed & Ted: Phonics-Toon Short Vowel 'e'

by Khidar Abdullah | 24 Mar 2017
Resource Description: This is a graded reader accompanied by a phonics toon. It is based on short vowel 'e'. It is called Ed & Ted. It is a cartoon using text, audio and visuals. It also includes a printable pdf format for a reading corner. This is a first part of a series of phonics-toons I'm making to engage the digital generation of young ELLs. It is 21st Century methods to improve literacy.
Audience: Elementary
Audience Language Proficiency: Beginner
Duration: 10 minutes
Materials and Technology: A computer and a monitor or projector to play the phonics-toon. here is the link (https://youtu.be/gate3KbJR_w) A printer to print the pdf reader version which is attached.
Objective(s): Short vowel 'e' is very troublesome for beginners. The phonics-toon contains an audio track so young learners can hear the correct pronunciation. It is geared towards the digital generation of students. The PDF printable is a nice accompanying piece that can be used in a reading corner for practice purposes. 
Outcome(s): Students will be able to correct there short vowel 'e' CVC words and practice sight words. The toon and the reader uses simple language that give the sense of accomplishment and encourage literacy.
Activity Description: Play the phonics-toon via the YouTube link provided in the classroom using a monitor or distribute via whattsapp so students can access it on the move. Play it twice and place the graded reader in the reading corner so they can continue to practice these CVC and sight words.
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This is the YouTube link to the video:


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