by Grammarly | 16 Jun 2015
Resource Description: Grammarly is a free grammar checker that works anywhere online. Its algorithms check for contextual spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. For each mistake the software flags, it provides explanation cards to help the writer learn English grammar rules through practice and repetition. 
Audience: Secondary, Adult, University
Audience Language Proficiency: Intermediate, Advanced
Type of Assessment Tool: The proofreading tool evaluates text for 100 points of grammar, contextual spelling and punctuation.
Area to be Assessed: Grammar
Duration: real time
Assessment Procedure: Grammarly's browser extension checks the student's online writing such as email and blog posts in real time to help the writer make conscious decisions about their writing. The online editor checks larger blocks of text (up to 20 pages) that the author may upload or copy/paste. 
Useful Links: The Grammarly Grammar Handbook provides additional grammar explanations in a comprehensive, well-organized, searchable reference.
TESOL Interest Section: Adult Education, English as a Foreign Language, Higher Education, Second Language Writing, Secondary Schools