Songs and Activities for English Language Learners

by Sandra Heyer | 24 Feb 2017
Resource Description:

Are you looking for popular songs with clean, intelligible lyrics to bring into your classroom? At, you'll find a list of over 200 classroom-friendly pop songs, organized by theme, along with lesson plans for the latest hits. Updated monthly.

Audience: Secondary, Adult, University
Audience Language Proficiency: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Duration: 45-90 minutes
Language Skill: Reading, Grammar, Writing, Vocabulary, Speaking, Listening
Content Area: Popular Culture
Materials and Technology:

Downloadable worksheets are available free on the site. There are also links to music videos that are appropriate for most classrooms.


Each lesson plan is unique. Some songs work best as a springboard for grammar activities, some are great discussion-starters, and some compel learners to read the amazing stories behind them. (The stories are included.) The song itself determines the focus of the lesson.

Procedure: Step-by-step instructions are provided in each lesson plan.
Useful Links: These song-based lesson plans are at Songs and Activities for English Language Learners.
TESOL Interest Section: Adult Education, English as a Foreign Language, Intercultural Communication, Intensive English Programs, Secondary Schools

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