Interactive Grammar Navigator

by Nick Koretsky | 05 Dec 2016
Resource Description: This is a teaching aid tool that helps students with navigation across numerous verbs and tenses. I have built it as a practical teaching-aid tool for my classes. I use it on a daily basis with my students. They say that it helps them to see a general picture of English language and to navigate across English grammar smoothly.

This website is a part of my «Grammar Navigator» concept, which I invented and develop as a project for English language teachers and learners. The site is far from being perfect (and I know it!) but this is the best I can do for the moment. I plan to do improvements on-the-go should this concept be accepted by teaching community. I hope that this tool will help you make your teaching easier and more efficient.
Audience: Elementary, Secondary, Adult, Teacher Training
Audience Language Proficiency: Beginner, Intermediate
Teaching Tip: I put my teaching tips in slideshare presentations (please see links below). I did it to save your time and make it easier to understand.
References: I did not use any particular source except general Grammar knowledge.
TESOL Interest Section: Adult Education, Applied Linguistics, Bilingual Education, Computer-Assisted Language Learning, Elementary Education, English as a Foreign Language, English for Specific Purposes, Intensive English Programs, Nonnative English Speakers in TESOL, Teacher Education