4 Steps to Passive Voice

by Insights to English | 19 Dec 2017
Resource Description: This video talks about Passive Voice and how it's used.  It features 4 steps to go from Active Voice to Passive Voice.
Audience: Elementary, Secondary, Adult, Teacher Training
Audience Language Proficiency: Intermediate
Teaching Tip:

The Passive Voice is used when the result of an action is more important than its cause.  Some of the best examples are found in news stories.

Changing a sentence from Active Voice to Passive Voice can be tricky for some students, so why don't we break the process down into steps:

  1. Put the passive noun (the object) before the verb.
  2. a) Put the active noun (the subject) after the verb, and add "by" just in front of it; or b) discard the active noun
  3. Add 'to be' in front of the main verb (in the same form as the main verb)
  4. Change the main verb to the past participle form.

For more details and examples, watch this video.

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