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Broaden Your Experience at TESOL 2017

Some education sessions at TESOL enable you to discuss critical issues in smaller, more intimate gatherings or to dive deeper into more complex topics. Others allow you to use the time before and after the convention to augment what you learn during the usual academic sessions.

These sessions sometimes require separate registration or a ticket. For more information, see the convention registration form (available 15 September) and the session's webpage.

If you have any questions about TESOL education programs, please contact TESOL Professional Learning.

Download the Itinerary Planner and Mobile App

To create an itinerary, find your favorite exhibitor, and stay in touch with other convention attendees,download the Convention Planner and Mobile App.

If you have any questions about the mobile app, please contact TESOL Member Services.

Important New Session Immediately Following the Wednesday Keynote!

Actions and Advocacy in a 2.0 World

We live in a world where governments increasingly pander to unfounded fears of immigrants, refugees, and even students who are “speakers of other languages.” As educators of speakers of other languages and as teachers who are speakers of other languages, we bear a responsibility to speak up and act out. In this session, TESOL professionals from across the world will share stories and pose challenges for what it means to be active advocates in a 2.0 world.

Dudley Reynolds, TESOL President (moderator)
Giselle Lundy Ponce, American Federation of Teachers
Ester de Jong, TESOL President-Elect
Eric Dwyer, Florida International University
Misty Adoniou, TESOL Board Member
Brenda Custodio, Newcomer & ELL Services
Ahmar Mahboob, TESOL  Quarterly co-editor