Grammar 2. Multiclause Structures


Miralyn F. Malupa-Kim, Alliant International University-San Diego


26 June - 23 July 201​7 Last chance to take this instructor-led online course!
(Note: This course will run concurrently with Grammar 1. Phrasal Structures in June of 201​7.)

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who needs help developing the metalinguistic competence necessary to discuss grammar in the classroom.


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More About This Course

Do you feel confident discussing grammar? If not, TESOL has two online courses to help you develop the metalinguistic competence--and confidence--necessary to discuss grammar in the classroom. One course is on phrasal structures; this course is on multiclause structures.

This course, which can be taken in any order with Grammar 1, is not about how to teach grammar because how you teach grammar depends very much on your students and the goals of your program. However, the course does suggest principles to keep in mind when planning grammar instruction. You will also prepare plans for grammar teaching activities and share them with the rest of the class so that everyone develops a bigger bag of tricks to use in their own teaching.

What Will I Learn?

Participants will learn to

  • identify active and passive voice and give reasons for choosing passive voice.
  • identify adverb clauses, adjective (relative) clauses, and noun clauses in sentences.
  • identify and explain the use of participial phrases in sentences.
  • explain the function of subjunctive mood in hypothetical conditional clauses as well as in its other uses.
  • demonstrate the uses of passive voice, transitional phrases, conjunctions, subordinating conjunctions, and conjunctive adverbs to create cohesion in writing.
  • identify the structures most likely to be difficult for your students to master.
  • write teaching plans for complex grammatical structures.

About the Instructor

Miralyn F. Malupa-Kim has been in the TESOL profession for 20 years. Her doctorate in education with TESOL concentration and master’s degree in TESOL are from Alliant International University-San Diego. She holds an RSA/Cambridge CELTA certificate from St. Giles International-San Francisco. Her research interests include teacher discourse, teacher cognition, oral language proficiency assessment, and computer-assisted language learning (CALL). Mira serves as a member of the TESOL Professional Development Committee.
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