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Classroom Interaction for Language Teachers uses authentic classroom transcripts and provides practical strategies to help both teachers and learners develop the interactional competence to create more engaged, dynamic classrooms and more active, attentive learners.
Language Classroom Assessment is a comprehensive overview of different forms of language classroom assessment and practical applications that support students' learning in any context.
This easy-to-follow guide demystifies the process of classroom research and gives teachers the confidence to get started.
Lesson Planning
Nikki Ashcraft
Effective teaching begins with effective lesson planning. Lesson Planning takes a complex, often abstract process and makes it an accessible and concrete practice for language teachers in any context.
Content-Based Instruction
M. DelliCarpini and O. Alonso
This book is a comprehensive overview of how to teach CBI in an easy-to-follow guide that language teachers will find very practical for their own contexts.
Classroom Management is the ability to create and maintain a conducive, collaborative learning environment with and for students. Learn how to unpack the complexity behind a teacher's daily classroom work and channel tacit knowledge into a well-designed, productive learning environments.
Cooperative Learning and Teaching
G. M. Jacobs and H. Kimura
In and out of the classroom, life would be unthinkable without interacting with fellow humans. This book urges more cooperative and group activities in the English language classroom.
This book discusses the five elements of motivation-the teacher, teaching methodology, the text, the task, and the test-and explores how to use these "5 Ts" to impact student motivation.
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PreK-12 English Language Proficiency Standards
[an augmentation of the WIDA English Language Proficiency Standards]

These standards provide an invaluable resource for all English language educators and a model for states and districts. They represent a starting point for developing effective and equitable education for ESOL students.

Paper to Practice: Using the TESOL ELP Standards in PreK-12
Gottlieb, Margo; Katz, Anne and Ernst-Slavit, Gisela

Paper to Practice offers a wealth of information and ideas for educators seeking to infuse the TESOL English language proficiency standards into curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

More Than a Native Speaker, Revised Edition
Snow, Don

This book accelerates the process of learning English language teaching by offering a nontechnical introduction to ELT geared toward native-English-speaking teachers working outside their home countries.

From Language Learner to Language Teacher
Snow, Don, Editor

This volume focuses on the challenges faced by nonnative-speaking English teachers. Four themes receive special emphasis: communicative language teaching, proficiency, language learning, and practicality.

Helping English Language Learners Succeed in PreK-Elementary
Lacina, Jan; New Levine, Linda; and Sowa, Patience, Editors

By describing real-life examples of effective collaboration for school success, this volume underscores the value and the reality of creating a learning community in which expertise and knowledge are shared.