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Adult Language Learners: Context and Innovation
Ann F. V. Smith and Gregory Strong, editors
This volume focuses on classroom practices that are particularly successful with adults, and it provides a range of ideas and techniques that can be easily adapted to your own teaching context.
Authenticity in Language Classroom and Beyond: Children and
Maria Dantas-Whitney and Sarah Rilling
This volume presents instructional practices that connect language learning experiences to the everyday lives of young learners, establishing what counts as authentic language in diverse settings.
This book demystifies the techniques of advocacy for English Learners. No educator can miss out on this essential book.
Classroom Interaction for Language Teachers uses authentic classroom transcripts and provides practical strategies to help both teachers and learners develop the interactional competence to create more engaged, dynamic classrooms and more active, attentive learners.
Applications of Task-Based Learning in TESOL
Ali Shehadeh and Christine Coombe
This volume shows how teachers can use tasks as teaching tools to build a sense of community, develop critical thinking skills, increase cultural awareness, and encourage cooperation.
This easy-to-follow guide demystifies the process of classroom research and gives teachers the confidence to get started.
Authenticity in Language Classroom & Beyond: Adult Learners
Sarah Rilling and Maria DantasWhitney, editors
This volume highlights how teachers have the ability to transform language instruction from a mechanical learning experience to a dynamic interaction to assist learners in reaching real-world goals.
Content-Based Instruction
M. DelliCarpini and O. Alonso
This book is a comprehensive overview of how to teach CBI in an easy-to-follow guide that language teachers will find very practical for their own contexts.
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More Than a Native Speaker, Revised Edition
Snow, Don

This is a printed book. It is also available in an eBook format for Kindle and Apple and Android.

This book accelerates the process of learning English language teaching by offering a nontechnical introduction to ELT geared toward native-English-speaking teachers working outside their home countries.

The CCSS in English Language Arts for Grades K•5
Pam Spycher

This is an exciting time to be a teacher. The Common Core State Standards have invigorated the teaching profession.

Paper to Practice: Using the TESOL ELP Standards in PreK-12
Gottlieb, Margo; Katz, Anne and Ernst-Slavit, Gisela

This is a printed book. It is also available in an eBook format for Kindle and Apple and Android.

Paper to Practice offers a wealth of information and ideas for educators seeking to infuse the TESOL English language proficiency standards into curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

PreK-12 English Language Proficiency Standards
[an augmentation of the WIDA English Language Proficiency Standards]

This is a printed book. It is also available in an eBook format for Kindle and Apple and Android.

These standards provide an invaluable resource for all English language educators and a model for states and districts. They represent a starting point for developing effective and equitable education for ESOL students.

Teaching Vocabulary to English Language Learners
M. F. Graves, D. August, and J. Mancilla-Martinez

K-12 teachers can use this comprehensive plan for vocabulary instruction with their English language learners. This user-friendly book integrates up-to-date research with vignettes, classroom activities, sample lessons, a list of children's literature, and more.