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AL Forum Newsletter Mission Statement

by User Not Found | 08/19/2016

The goal of the ALIS newsletter (Applied Linguistics Forum) is to inform readers about language-based issues and problems relating to English language teaching and learning, especially in second/foreign language or bilingual classroom contexts. In addition, it offers practical resources, suggestions, and options for addressing these issues.

The Applied Linguistics Forum is oriented primarily to its IS readers and other English language teaching professionals in TESOL who seek to gain insights from applied linguistics and the related disciplines from which it draws, including linguistics, psycholinguistics and second language learning, sociolinguistics, communication, and education.


  1. The Applied Linguistics Forum may include articles, editorials, book reviews, announcements, and reports on relevant activities, research, materials, and perspectives.
  2. The Forum seeks to include articles on second language learning, discourse analysis, pragmatics, linguistic description, sociolinguistics, language policy, and other areas relating to applied linguistics and that inform language teaching and learning. A special attempt is made to include topics and articles by authors from around the English-using world.
  3. The Forum provides a forum where readers can voice their opinions on topics in the areas listed above.
  4. The Forum informs readers about ALIS news as well as TESOL organizational news.