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EFLIS News, Volume 6:1 (February 2006)

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Letter From the Chair

Ulrich Bliesener, U.Blie@t-online.de

Dear Colleagues,

One of the most entertaining films I have ever seen is High Society, starring Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, and Frank Sinatra. Older colleagues will remember the story set among snobbish East Coast upper-crust society. It is the day before the second wedding of a wealthy woman played by Grace Kelly to a stiff and humorless upstart. Her former husband, played by Bing Crosby, who lives next door in an equally big mansion, has arranged for a jazz festival. The film opens with a busload of jazz musicians, led by Louis Armstrong, on the way to Bing’s house. Then comes the famous sequence in which Bing Crosby introduces the members of the band, with each musician demonstrating his artistic skill on his instrument. After so many years and after having seen this film so many times, I still find this particular scene exciting because of the rhythms and music of the band. The scene ends with the famous statement: Well, that’s jazz!

I am often reminded of this scene when I think of the TESOL organization: Jane in the