IEP Newsletter

IEP E-Newsletter Mission Statement

by User Not Found | 10/26/2011

The goal of the IEP Newsletter is to disseminate information regarding the professional interests of its members. Specifically, the IEP Newsletter's purpose is to inform members about current theories, practices, pedagogies, issues, and materials related to people engaged in teaching and administering at IEPs around the world.

The audience for the IEP Newsletter includes TESOL members interested in issues and activities affecting intensive English programs that exist both privately and in connection with higher education organizations. This group comprises professionals involved in IEP teaching, IEP administrating, and relationships with other IEPS. The audience may also include administrators or teachers who wish to work for IEPs, such as graduate students in TESOL.

The IEP Newsletter intends to

  1. facilitate ongoing interaction between IEP members and the IEP leadership
  2. enhance and encourage the professional development of IEP members
  3. provide a forum for members to share ideas, activities, experiences, and insights relating to the issues facing IEP administrators, students, and teachers
  4. initiate and continue a dialogue about timely and current issues affecting IEPs, including immigration and visa concerns, employment opportunities, and teaching strategies
  5. assist neophyte writers by providing feedback on how to improve the quality, value, and viability of submissions
  6. provide an outlet for advertising the TESOL convention and TESOL products and to disseminate conference information to interest section members who cannot attend
  7. communicate information about TESOL positions and advocacy relating to IEP issues
  8. share stories and interviews that demonstrate the success of various IEPs around the world