PAIS Newsletter

PAIS E-Newsletter Mission Statement

by User Not Found | 10/28/2011

The goal of the PAIS Newsletter is to present information to program administrators from a variety of settings. It provides articles, columns, and review sections that keep the membership abreast of current administrative issues, new materials, and current trends in the fields of language teaching and administrative practice.

The PAIS Newsletter is oriented to program administrators from a variety of ESL, EFL, higher education, adult and refugee eductation, K-12, and community college settings. Each of these arenas has administrators with varied experience and expertise, making for a broad and diverse readership.


1. The PAIS Newsletter is essentially a forum for administrative concerns where the membership can express their viewpoints.
2. The PAIS Newsletter is a resource of information where the membership can learn about new program models for program management, student services, and curriculum design.
3. The PAIS Newsletter provides articles about administrative practices such as program evaluation, teaching effectiveness, budgeting, strategic planning, and programming for student services.
4. The contents are immediately accessible and practical. It publishes articles that are professional in style and the writing is clear and understandable.
5. The newsletter will balance items from the constituent audiences.