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Video and Digital Media IS E-Newsletter Mission Statement

by User Not Found | 11/01/2011

The goal of TESOL Video News is to provide its readers with practical articles on the production and use of video in English teaching, including student- and teacher-produced videos, reviews of commercially available materials, listening/speaking/reading/writing instruction through movies and TV, media literacy, film analysis, intercultural training, video as an assessment tool, teacher education, interactive video, distance learning, and the use of new video-related technology.

TESOL Video News is oriented toward language teachers in varied ESL and EFL workplaces, including formal and informal settings and with students ranging from children to adults, with an interest in using any aspect of video in their teaching and/or research. Readers have varied experience and expertise in the many areas of video use.


  1. TESOL Video News is a juried, online, illustrated, non-glossy newsletter with contributions solicited from presenters at the annual conference and teachers involved in various video projects.
  2. It provides articles to teachers on successful techniques and activities that other teachers and EFL/ESL practitioners have used in order to give readers some ideas they can apply to the development of their own classroom teaching and research. It also includes articles on the use of the newest digital technologies, including DVD films, digital video cameras, and computer-mediated video applications. The reviews section aims to give readers a means for evaluating published video and video-based materials.
  3. The content is accessible to novices and experienced video users. The articles are professional in style and written in language clear to ESL and EFL educators.
  4. It attempts to balance articles in each issue to address different aspects of video use, novice and experienced users, ESL and EFL settings, and varied levels and ages of learners.