Summit Themes


The field of Future Studies offers a broad, holistic perspective that is essential for understanding the English language profession both today and in the future.
  • What are the mega-trends (political, economic, social, intercultural, legal, and digital) and how do they impact English and English language education?

  • What should policy makers keep in mind given these mega-trends?

  • What should organizations, institutions, and TESOL professionals keep in mind given these mega-trends?

Futurology Speaker Bios

English in ​Multilingualism

English has an image as the ruling language that may eradicate linguistic diversity. Yet the TESOL profession, in its mission to teach English, must embrace the opportunity to simultaneously support multilingualism.
  • How can the multilingualism of students of English and TESOL professionals (particularly nonnative-English-speaking teachers) be recognized as an asset in advocacy, innovation, policy, and practice?

  • How can linguistic diversity be leveraged while teaching English, and what best practices allow teachers to incorporate the languages of their students into their daily professional practices?

  • How can TESOL inquiry and reflection strengthen multilingual policies?
English in Multilingualism Speaker Bios

Reimagining English Competence

English competence has been traditionally defined in reference to a native or ideal speaker norm and in terms of the grammar of the language. This definition has been challenged.
  • How can we overcome the native speaker as the standard and address the changing realities of English language use around the world, both with regard to students’ needs for English and to teachers’ needs for proficiency in English?

  • What new research​-based models and goals for English competence can be developed to guide policy and practice?

  • How can the multiple Englishes that arise in different contexts be incorporated in frameworks, standards, large-scale tests, and rubrics?

Reimagining English Competence Speaker Bios

The Profession as a Change Agent

Each member of the TESOL profession must be empowered to foster positive change within a risk-tolerant culture.
  • How can all stakeholders become more nimble and risk-tolerant?

  • How can practice shape and inform policy and research?

  • How can TESOL professionals be empowered to instigate and sustain innovation?

The Professional as a Change Agent Speaker Bios

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