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Serve on the Affiliate Leadership Council

The Affiliate Leadership Council (ALC) represents affiliates and works with others in TESOL to address affiliate issues and concerns.  The ALC has four members:
  • Past Chair
  • Chair
  • Chair-elect
  • Member A 
Each member has designated responsibilities and roles. Throughout the calendar year, members maintain online communications with each other.


Interested candidates must

  • be TESOL member in good standing
  • have reliable computer/internet access
  • have served on the governing body of an affiliate in the past 2 years
  • have attended at least two annual conventions in the past 5 years and attended affiliate-organized sessions (e.g. Affiliate Assembly, Affiliate Leaders' Workshop, etc.)
  • Attend the annual TESOL convention ​if at all possible
  • be familiar with TESOL International Association and its partnership with affiliates
Familiarity with the affiliate relationship is demonstrated by strong service to TESOL and/or a TESOL affiliate within the past 5 years. Examples of such service include: active leadership in an affiliate association; active participation in affiliate-​organized convention ​sessions; active membership in a TESOL standing committee, task force, interest section, or special project; or past service as a member of the ALC.

Desired Skills

  1.  Ability to proactively  lead others and generate ideas based on feedback and direction from a variety of stakeholders
  2. Ability to effectively communicate with a culturally diverse team of peers, leadership entities, and TESOL staff
  3. Ability to effectively collaborate on projects as well as work independently
  4. Ability to follow schedules and complete work in a timely manner
  5. Ability to plan and organize various activities/events
  6. Ability to perform tasks that involve using technology such as formatting documents and file sharing

Application Process

Applications are now being accepted through an online form. The application deadline is 30 October. 

General Roles and Responsibilities of the ALC

  • Meets as scheduled by the chair, including conference calls 
  • Follows the mission and the vision of the affiliates and TESOL 
  • Collaborates to plan activities held at the TESOL annual convention
  • Produces two issues of the Affiliate News annually

Roles and Responsibilities of Each ALC Member

Past Chair

  • Works closely with and supports the chair throughout the year
  • Engages in regular communication with the ALC
  • Works with the ALC team and affiliates to develop, organize, and facilitate the ALC Colloquium at the annual convention
  • Prepares the annual report in collaboration with the staff liaison and presents the report at the Affiliate Assembly at the annual convention
  • Solicits proposals for Best of Affiliate presentations and coordinates the adjudication


  • Develops policies and actions for consideration by the ALC 
  • Sets the annual agenda and supervises ALC activities and meetings 
  • Serves as presiding officer of the Affiliate Assembly at the annual convention 
  • Coordinates ALC elections in collaboration with the staff liaison and announces results


  • Works closely with the chair and the ALC throughout the year 
  • Serves as liaison between the ALC and the staff to update the ALC information on the TESOL website 
  • With staff, board liaisons, and the ALC, plans the agenda for the Affiliate Leaders’ Workshop and coordinates or facilitates the workshop 
  • Helps develop policies and action plans for consideration by the ALC

Member A

  • Plans the affiliate newsletter
  • Works with other ALC members, the board liaison, and staff liaison to plan and organize the Affiliate Booth at the TESOL annual convention
  • Organizes and facilitates the Newsletter Editors’ Workshop
  • Assists the chair in the coordination and implementation of affiliate functions at the annual convention and throughout the year
  • Writes minutes for meetings when necessary
  • This position requires a 4-year commitment. Member A will move to chair-elect the following year, become the chair of the committee during the third year, and serve as past chair during the fourth year.