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Public Policy Professional Council


The purpose of the Public Policy Professional Council (PPPC) is to support and advise on the association’s strategic initiatives related public policy. The PPPC shall advise, encourage, and assist the association on matters related to public policy with the goal of enhancing and sustaining the association’s reputation as a globally-relevant resource of high-quality, balanced and effective advice, information, and advocacy on English language education public policy issues. 

Terms of Service

Members are appointed by the Executive Committee through an application process. The application solicits information regarding education and professional training, relevant experience, geographical context, and potential contributions to the Professional Council with reference to the Professional Council’s goals and objectives. Once appointed, Professional Council members make a one-year commitment to serve, renewable twice for up to three years of service.

Each year, an incoming-chair shall be nominated by the Executive Director though an application process, with final approval by the Executive Committee. Only those serving on the Professional Council at the time of the application process are eligible to apply. Once appointed, the designee shall serve for one year as incoming-chair followed by one year as chair before rotating off the Professional Council.

The PPPC shall consist of 8 to 10 members, plus a staff partner and board liaison. The PPPC shall ensure adequate membership to carry out its duties and responsibilities as specified below.

Membership Criteria

The PPPC membership should be well-informed on language education public policy issues, and representative of the diversity of issues that shape language policy around English language teaching as prioritized by the PPPC. Council applicants should demonstrate how they are qualified to contribute to the PPPC in meeting its responsibilities and duties. The council membership shall reflect the widest possible range of professional expertise and experience, with special attention paid to diverse geographical, cultural, and generational representation. 

Responsibilities and Duties

The Primary responsibilities and duties of the PPPC are as follows:
  • Advising on public policy issues that impact English language teaching and learning
  • Helping shape and develop the Association’s public policy agenda
  • Assisting in formulating persuasive public policy-related arguments and positions
  • Identifying and recommending topics for position statements and papers, and contributing to their development for board consideration
  • Contributing to the development of issue and policy briefs and other resources to help inform members and the profession as a whole on public policy matters
  • Collecting information and resources that will inform the public policy activities of the association such as briefs, papers, and statements from other organizations, including TESOL affiliate associations
  • Supporting efforts to raise the visibility of the Association’s public policy activities and resources among association members and the field of English language teaching
  • Actively encouraging association members to participate in advocacy-related actions spearheaded by the association
  • Monitoring and informing the Association on trends and developments related to education public policy issues that impact the field and profession of English language teaching and learning 

Members, 2018-2019

Chair: Helen Solorzano
Incoming Chair: Joanne Clyde
Board Liaison: Christel Broady
Staff Partner: David Cutler & John Segota

Elizabeth  Bagdon        
Jennifer Burr
Beverly Good
Alexandra Guilamo
Judith O'Loughlin
Harisimran Sandhu
Meryl Siegal
Julie Sugarman
Renate Tilson