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​Publishing Professional Council


The Publishing Professional Council (PPC), oversees the development of ELT publications and related multiplatform products that are aligned with the association's strategic plan and support its mission and the needs of its members. The PPC identifies publishing opportunities that represent the best current thought, research, and educational practice in English language instruction. 

Terms of Service

Members are appointed by the Executive Committee through an application process. Once appointed, council members make a one-year commitment to serve, renewable for up to three years.

Each year, a chair-elect shall be nominated by the Executive Director though an application process conducted by the council, with final approval by the Executive Committee. Once appointed, the designee shall serve for one year as chair-elect followed by one year as chair before rotating off the council. 

The PPC shall consist of 12–14 members, plus a staff partner and board liaison. The PPC shall ensure adequate membership, including members who are knowledgeable about English language teaching and publishing and about the emerging needs of the field, to carry out its duties and responsibilities as specified below.

Membership Criteria

Interested applicants shall be asked to list their level of education and experience and show an understanding of the current publishing landscape. PPC members should have significant experience in professional publishing, as well as a familiarity with TESOL Press books. 

Responsibilities and Duties

The Publishing Professional Council shall
  • develop a multiyear strategic publishing plan to fill gaps in TESOL Press’s frontlist and immediate backlist
  • serve as TESOL International Association’s publication proposal and manuscript acquisition and review body
  • encourage the professional development of authors new to writing and to volume editing
  • champion  and promote TESOL Press publications whenever possible and appropriates
  • seek opportunities to work in conjunction with other TESOL Professional Councils such as Professional Development PC and Research PC, to develop new products and publications that use existing TESOL educational material or to create new products


Co-Chairs: Gilda Martinez-Alba & Ke Xu
Board Liaison: Lawrence Jun Zhang
Staff Partner: Myrna Jacobs
Robert J. Freeman
Jerri Haynes
Christina Kitson
Andrea Lypka
Mariana Ricklefs
Joseph J. Lee
Hilal Peker
Janet Pierce
Elena Shvidko