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Conference Meeting in Chicago, 6 August 1964

The next official meeting on the TESOL conference took place in Chicago on August 6, 1964. Agreements at this meeting included:

A steering committee for the conference be appointed to guide overall affairs--publication, site selection, finances. This committee was to include one permanent staff member of each of the associations, plus an extra member who might or might not rotate during the next 3 years.

A 3-year program of spring TESOL conferences be announced with the understanding that at the end of 3 years (1967), the future of the conference as a cosponsored venture or as an independent conference be reconsidered. Each association was asked to approve this plan with the understanding that each would appropriate a maximum $200 toward the conference, and that, only if necessary.

Strong interest in a TESOL journal, as reflected on questionnaires filled out at the Tucson conference, led to careful consideration of the many facets of journal production; a study committee to consider all facets of the problems and alternative solutions was appointed with Betty Wallace Robinett as Chair.

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