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TESOL Charter Members

Barbara Agor O. Dean Gregory Leslie Palmer
James E. Alatis Louis Hanzel Alice Pearlman
Penelope Alatis Jayne C. Harder Jeanette Praninskas
Harold Allen David P. Harris Clifford H. Prator
Robert L. Allen John Haskell Wallace L. Pretzer
Virginia French Allen Robert F. Hogan Jeanette Ramirez
George L. Anderson Ruth Hok Renee Raskin
Edward M Anthony Paul Holtzman George Rathmell
Celia Belfram Allan Hubbell Ralph Robinett
Robert A. Bennett Gloria Jameson Betty Wallace Robinett
Helen Berezovsky Robert B. Kaplan Pauline Rojas
Jeanette Bragin Sumako Kimizuka Janet Ross
Russell Campbell John B. King Lee H. Salisbury
Gina Cantoni Donald Knapp Milton G. Saltzer
Ida S. Carrillo Carol Kreidler Libby Shanefield
Virginia Castadas Charles Kreidler Joseph H. Sheehan
J. C. Catford Pat Kukulsi Michael F. Shugrue
Lurline Coltharp Robert Lado Mamie Sizemore
Kenneth Croft Nancy D. S. Lay William Slager
Dorothy Danielson Richard Light Robert B. Snyder
Robert J. Di Pietro Ralph B. Long James Squire
Anwar Dil Andrew MacLeish Earl Stevick
Gladys Doty Mary C. McDonald Dwight Strawn
Gerald Dykstra Adela Mendez Kenton Sutherland
Leo Engler Joan Morley Donna Swain
Charles Ferguson William Moulton Hildegard Thompson
Mary Finocchiaro Afton Dill Nance Rudolph Troike
W. Nelson Francis Carmen Judith Nine-Curt Joyce Merrill Valdes
Nancy Frankfort William Norris Dorothy Waggoner
Ernest A. Frechette Grace Nutley Elsie Wolk
Charles Fries Sirarpi Ohannessian William Work
Renee Fulton Amada Ortega Grace Wylie
Mary Galvan Alice Osman Richard Yorkey
Walker Gibson Elizabeth Ott  
Sheila M. Goff Dora Pantell  


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