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Christel Broady, Candidate
TESOL Board of Directors, 2018–2021

Christel Broady, Georgetown College, Lexington, Kentucky, USA, is a candidate for the TESOL Board of Directors. If elected, she will serve from 2018 to 2021. More information is available below the video.

Candidate’s Statement

My personal experiences as an immigrant, the daughter of a refugee, and an EFL learner myself, as well my visits in more than 50 countries taught me fundamental lessons about cultures, languages, and the value of access to quality education including the mastery of English.

My life journey is grounded in my love for cultures and languages and formed by mentorship by caring TESOL colleagues who encouraged me to pursue personal and professional goals beyond my immigrant dreams. After receiving training such as the TESOL Leadership Program, I embraced the challenge of serving TESOL in many capacities.

I was elected to serve as the Chair of the EEIS, steering board member of CALL & EEIS, President and long-term board member of KYTESOL, I represented TESOL to outside organizations incl. the US government in important advocacy for the interests of our membership, to name just some examples. Also, I have been successfully working with individual teachers, school districts, universities, professional organizations, states, and countries to advance the English teaching profession and the mission of TESOL International.

In addition to providing mentorship and training, I also conducted research, published, and presented all over the world to contribute to the advancement of the theoretical knowledge in English language, cultural training, and the use of educational technology in language classrooms.

Based on my experiences and expertise, I am running for the board with a commitment to:
  • Encouraging and supporting research
  • Strengthening avenues for the worldwide sharing of knowledge and best practices
  • Collaborating with TESOL’s domestic and international affiliates and members
  • And expanding existing mentorship pathways so that all members can contribute to providing the best English training to their students and feel comfortable to become TESOL leaders
Download Christel Broady's bio.