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Joe McVeigh, Candidate
TESOL Board of Directors, 2018–2021

Joe McVeigh, Saint Michael's College, Colchester, Vermont, USA, is a 2018 candidate for the TESOL Board of Directors. If elected, he will serve from 2018 to 2021. More information is available below the video.

Candidate’s Statement

At this time of heightened tensions in the U.S. and around the world, TESOL’s essential role as an advocate for teachers and students and as a strong voice in support of reason, diplomacy, and peace is more critical than ever. All of the work we do in our professional association has a distinct impact on our actions as language teachers, which affects the lives of many students around the world in addition to those of their families and communities. Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to serve TESOL’s members in a variety of leadership roles, working at the Affiliate level, with Interest Sections and Standing Committees, and most recently on Task Forces examining our governance structures. This has given me some insight into the issues and concerns of our members as well as a knowledge of how our association functions. As a member of the board of directors I will push for high standards for teacher education, for better employment conditions, and for greater support for English language learners. I’d like to help direct our efforts at advocacy and to ensure we are producing publications and resources that meet the practical needs of teachers in the classroom around the world. As a leader, I will aim to facilitate collaboration that will allow us to work together on issues of common interest. I will also work to find ways to highlight the work our researchers, teachers, and other educators are doing around the world. TESOL is looking to the future now. To lead the association toward its new objectives, the Board needs Directors who are hardworking, knowledgeable, and ready to collaborate with others across the organization. If elected to the Board, I will continue to use my international and domestic experiences as a learner, teacher, and leader and a commitment to fostering others’ professional development and leadership to build TESOL’s future.

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