TESOL Welcomes Delegates from Iran (June 2007)

On June 19, three delegates from Iran, Mr. Mohammad Taksayeh, Mr. Sadraddin Alemohammad, and Mr. Majid Asgariwere, were welcomed by TESOL staff and President Sandy Briggs to learn more about the association.

All three teachers were visiting the United States as part of the U.S. Department of State's International Visitor Leadership Program; the trip was coordinated by Meridian International Center.

Mr. Taksayeh's, Mr. Alemohammad's, and Mr. Asgariwere's three week stay in the United States included a trip to Boston, Massachusetts to attend the TESOL Academy and ended with a 4th of July celebration in Washington, DC.

Pictured (bottom from left to right): Mr. Sadraddin Alemohammad, Mr. Majid Asgariwere, and Mr. Mohammad Taksayeh. (top from left to right) Executive Director Chuck Amorosino, President Sandy Briggs, and Member Relations Manager John Duffy.
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