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TESOL Welcomes Delegates from Iraq (March 2007)

On March 14, two delegates from Iraq, Dr. Ali M. Gharab Al-Mejdawi and Mr. Abdulkareem Lazim Baheer Al-Zubaindi, were welcomed by the TESOL Central Office.

Both Dr. Al-Mejdawi and Mr. Al-Zubaindi were visiting the United States as apart of the Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program, which was arranged by the Delphi International Program of World Learning.

The delegates met with various TESOL staff to learn more about the association.

Dr. Al-Mejdawi’s and Mr. Al-Zubaindi’s three week stay in the United States ended with their attendance at the TESOL annual convention in Seattle, Washington.

Delegation from Iraq (from left to right): Dr. Ali M. Gharab Al-Mejdawi, TESOL Executive Director Chuck Amorosino, Mr. Abdulkareem Lazim Baheer Al-Zubaindi, and TESOL Member Relations Manager John Duffy

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