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Adult Education

Position Statement on Adult English as a Second or Additional Language Programs (March 2010; PDF) 
TESOL urges countries where English is the common, dominant, or official language to make commitments to developing national systems of high quality, appropriate language and literacy services specifically tailored to the needs of adults learning ESL/EAL in their populations. These systems should involve all stakeholders in the review, creation, and implementation of education policies and be no less in quality, recognition, and support than the system in place for public primary, secondary, and higher education.

Position Statement on Adolescent English Language Learners in Adult ESL Programs in the United States (March 2006; PDF) 
Adolescent English language learners are a broad and diverse group with many different needs. Compounding the challenges for these students in particular are cultural and social adjustments they often face as they meet the demands of U.S. high schools. TESOL strongly opposes efforts to encourage the early withdrawal of adolescent English language learners from high school in order to boost the academic ratings and test scores at the high school level.

Adult ESL Language and Literacy Instruction: A Vision and Action Agenda for the 21st Century (October 2001; PDF) 
This discussion, which complements From the Margins to the Mainstream: The Action Agenda for Literacy (National Literacy Summit, 2000), focuses on the characteristics and needs of adults learning English as a second language, the programs that serve them, and the policies that affect them. Teachers of English for Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) envisions a system for the education of adult English language learners that provides high quality language and literacy services for this linguistically and culturally diverse population.